Fire Safety Training FAQs – Your Questions Answered

Man checking fire equipment.

Undertaking fire safety training is a responsible task for somebody to take on. So if you have been appointed in your organisation to undertake fire safety training, whether that is a basic fire safety awareness course, or a more in-depth course where you are training to be a fire warden or marshal, you may have…

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Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 – Explained

Man looking at a fire alarm.

New Fire Safety Regulations The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 is a set of legislative rules implemented after the recommendations made by the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. They will come into force on January 23rd – focused on manager responsibilities for high rise buildings. Fire and Rescue Services all over the UK are urging managers of…

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What are the Main Causes of Fire in the Hospitality Industry?

Image which shows a reception desk in a hotel

If you work in the hospitality industry, fire safety is vital to protect your guests and staff. This was highlighted by the fire at the luxury Scottish hotel, Cameron House in 2017, in which two guests lost their lives and a business was fined £500,000. The findings from the incident found that the hotel firm…

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12 Days of Christmas Fire Safety

Open fire with Christmas decorations around it.

Introduction Perhaps unsurprisingly, we see a huge amount of Christmas fires in the UK. The food and festivities, drunken uncles and the cheery atmosphere seem to be the perfect kindling for a fire. So in the spirit of raising fire awareness, here are our 12 days of Christmas Fire Safety. We hope that these tips…

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Fire Extinguisher Quiz

Fire extinguisher image

In most cases of a fire emergency, you should leave the immediate area and leave the firefighting to fire service professionals.  Those who have taken fire training, however, will be able to recognise when it’s the correct course of action to extinguish a blaze before it gets out of control. The key is to know which…

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What is the Difference between a Fire Warden and a Fire Marshal? 

We deliver online and face-to-face training for fire marshals and fire wardens but some customers ask us what is the difference between a fire warden and a fire marshal? In this blog, we will see whether the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) makes a legal distinction between the two roles. We also discuss…

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Fire Safety in Care Homes: A Guide

Introduction Whether you work in a home for people with disabilities, the elderly, those who need hospice care or anyone else for that matter, fire safety in care homes is a vital and often quite intimidating issue. Due to their size and the needs of the people who live in them, fire safety regulations for…

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What to Do in an Electrical Fire

what to do in an electrical fire

Introduction We often act very differently in extreme situations to how we perhaps thought we might. At no time is this truer than during a fire; uncontrolled flames seem to stir something instinctual and fearful inside us. Unfortunately, this very human reaction can very negatively affect our actions. There are in fact many varieties of…

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Fire Safety Checklist for Business

fire safety checklist

Introduction Fire Safety in the office can be a lot to handle. Often for those managing or owning businesses, dealing with it can become a burden alongside other typically-demanding duties. As such, we’ve created a fire safety checklist with which you can manage all procedures you need to implement in your workplace. Below, you can…

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Common Causes of Workplace Fire

fire safety training

Think for a moment, if you will, about that big clock on Countdown. In the 30 seconds that it takes for that clock to time each round, a potentially disastrous fire could also start in your workplace. Two minutes after that, the fire could have spread enough to do serious damage, resulting in an average…

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