Fire Triangle Explained: Everything to Know!

fire triangle explained

Introduction Sticking to the basics can be very useful advice. This rings true particularly when it comes to fire safety. The Fire Triangle is a very straightforward concept, designed to help you fight fires safely and simply. You can apply your knowledge of the fire triangle to a particular situation. Take a look at our…

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12 Days of Christmas Fire Safety

12 days of christmas fire safety

Introduction Perhaps unsurprisingly, we see a huge amount of Christmas fires in the UK; from 2017 to 2019, fire services attended around 2300 fires on Christmas Day. The food and festivities, drunken uncles and the cheery atmosphere seem to be the perfect kindling for a fire. So in the spirit of raising fire awareness, here…

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What to Do in an Electrical Fire

what to do in an electrical fire

Introduction We often act very differently in extreme situations to how we perhaps thought we might. At no time is this truer than during a fire; uncontrolled flames seem to stir something instinctual and fearful inside us. Unfortunately, this very human reaction can very negatively affect our actions. There are in fact many varieties of…

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Fire Safety Quiz

We’ve created a Fire Safety Quiz for those preparing to take an accredited Fire Safety training course. This quiz offers questions influenced by our Fire Warden and Fire Safety training courses. It acts as a great personal barometer regarding whether you’re ready to take a verifiable course. This quiz is difficult and designed to challenge…

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Fire Safety Checklist for Business

fire safety checklist

Introduction Fire Safety in the office can be a lot to handle. Often for those managing or owning businesses, dealing with it can become a burden alongside other typically-demanding duties. As such, we’ve created a fire safety checklist with which you can manage all procedures you need to implement in your workplace. Below, you can…

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Fire Safety in Schools: A Comprehensive Guide

fire safety in schools

Introduction Understanding the UK requirements for fire safety in schools can be challenging. All fire safety practice in the UK, whether in commercial or non-domestic premises, is based on the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Moreover, this document doesn’t provide specific examples for schools, or any other premises for that matter. To make things…

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Fire Safety Training For Mobile Catering Businesses

If you run a mobile catering business, you should pay attention to the training you and your staff will need to complete in order to stay in line with legal requirements and ensure the safety of yourselves and your customers. Do I Need Fire Safety Training to Run a Mobile Catering Business? When it comes…

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New Year, New Changes, New Staff?

fire safety training

Without doubt the most common kind of questions we get asked here at the Fire Training Company are around the issue of whether a business needs to train all their employees in fire safety. The short answer is ‘yes’. You must ensure that all employees are aware of fire safety and that will usually mean…

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Fire Safety in Schools: What You Need to Know

With schools currently working with less staff onsite because of the current lockdowns during Covid-19, having the correctly trained staff in school is vitally important. Because nominated Fire Marshals may be off sick or unavailable at short notice, do you have enough trained staff to cover? As with any safety procedure, fire safety has some…

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