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Hyatt Regency Manchester

"Our trainer was amazing, really helpful and would definitely have him back! His knowledge was great, really interacted with everyone and made the training enjoyable as well as informative."

Louisa Lockton



"The training was delivered very well and was engaging. Everything was explained in enough detail to understand but not to a point where it was over-complicated/confused. The videos also complimented each topic."

Mike Pointon


The Education Alliance

"Really enjoyed the training, it was informative and the trainer was engaging. I feel a lot more confident with fire safety."

Victoria Rae


Wilby C of E Primary School

"This course has given me a basic level of fire safety. I now feel more confident about an emergency situation arising and how I can deal with it."

Rebecca Kent


Southwark Council

"The trainer is very knowledgeable and experienced. Delivered confidently with enough balance of humour and seriousness."

Amy Connolly



"The course was very informative and used the online learning effectively. There were useful links at the end and the Q&A helped to consolidate and reinforce the learning."

Janet Powell

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Thames Barrier

"Really useful, I feel much better informed about fire safety at work but also in my private life. Will make some real changes to my behaviour and attitude to fire."

Samuel Nicholson


New Mills Primary School

"The trainer was funny and friendly and delivered the course in a great way that kept me interested throughout."

Shantell Hulme


Bushmead Court Residential Care Home

"I have to say, this was the best training we have had in a long time."

Anne Bentley


Wellingborough Golf Club

"Our trainer was fantastic, he was exactly the right kind of person to train us. He was incredibly knowledgeable and also funny."

Claire Irving


Jigsaw Trust

"The online training was very concise, easy to read and understand. I have done this course before and was still interested in the information provided.

Jane Lobley


Schluter Systems

"Our trainer was informative and approachable. They were also able to answer all questions throughout the session."

James Mathers


Alliance Medical

“The course is very easy to navigate and full of information.”

Louise Mcgibbon


Plexus Legal

“A very good and informative course. This is the first online training I have done for this module and is a great way to learn about fire safety.”

Les Wilkinson


Shellworks Group

"The fire training company provide a nice and comprehensive fire warden course!”

Camila Utsunomia


Aston Barclay

 “Very helpful and informative. I found the content of the course highly insightful.”

Kiera Price



“I enjoyed the training. Our trainer was very knowledgeable and made it fun.”

Ian Gabriel

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Martin High School

“Excellent delivery, created an atmosphere where no question felt too silly."

Lizzie Norman

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