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Fire Safety is the responsibility of everyone.  Our goal is to provide the training needed to ensure everyone can play their part.

The Fire Training Company

Helping to maintain fire safety in the workplace is the responsibility of everyone.

Our team at the Fire Training Company have been creating high-quality training solutions since 2008. All our training courses are developed in-house and are regularly updated to remain in line with the latest government guidance and legislation. To ensure a high standard of learning, our courses are written by educators with full reviews and feedback from seasoned fire fighting professionals.

When you take one of our courses you have the comfort of knowing that not only do they contain content that is appropriate for the industry, but they are also designed to give you a great learning experience. Our aim is to design courses that are informative, accredited, certified and relevant to the learner.

Workplace fires are not only responsible for a number of deaths and hundreds of injuries each year, but they are also the cause of numerous businesses closing or needed to change operations. Fire safety is simply not something you can ignore or pay lip service to.

There is a legal requirement to protect staff and the public from harm and that means businesses need to be responsible for ensuring that everyone is trained. However, we appreciate the practicalities of training and that cost and time can have a significant impact on your business. We built our business on offering convenience, a good return on investment and above all else, successful learning that really meets the needs of our clients. It’s no wonder that 100,000+ people and large and small businesses have chosen us to provide their training.

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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005