Emergency Grab Bags: What are they?

Picture of an emergency grab bag.

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Emergency Grab Bags

In fire emergencies, every second counts. Preparing in advance is crucial for safety, and one aspect of this preparation is having an emergency grab bag ready. Our in-depth article on our Smart Horizons website looks in more detail at the significance of these emergency grab bags for anybody who is responsible for fire safety, such as fire wardens and marshals and how it can improve your survival and minimise your risks.

The article outlines what an emergency grab bag is and its key components, which may include:

  • PPE: Items like smoke masks and fire-resistant gloves.
  • Communication Tools: A mobile phone with a charger and a whistle.
  • Fire Emergency Necessities: Essentials like a flashlight, fire-resistant blanket, and a basic tool kit.
  • Food and Water: Should be non-perishable
  • First Aid Supplies: Basic medical items such as bandages.
Typical first aid kit in an emergency grab bag.

The article also goes into more detail about what practical steps you can take so you can be ready for a fire emergency including how to assemble an emergency grab bag, ensuring all staff members are educated about the emergency grab bag and regularly reviewing its content.

Read the full article: Emergency grab bags: Be prepared for the unexpected

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