Fire Safety for Equestrian Yards and Stables

Equestrian fire safety - image is a girl with a horse.

Fire Safety for Equestrian Yards and Stables Equestrian yards and stables offer a wide range of services, including horse riding, training, care and breeding. They can include livery yards and stables, riding schools, equestrian centres, horse training and breeding and equine therapy and health centres. Equestrian businesses face unique challenges when it comes to fire…

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How do fire dampers prevent the spread of fire?

Image of a fire damper

How Do Fire Dampers Prevent the Spread of Fire? Ensuring the safety of both individuals and property in any building is important and this includes implementing fire safety measures. Buildings often include systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), which feature ducts for the distribution and extraction of air. These ducts play a key…

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Fire Safety for Holiday Lets

Image of a picture-perfect village of holiday lets.

Fire Safety for Holiday Lets Holiday Lets include accommodation such as apartments, lodges, cottages and glamping pods. Owners and managers of these holiday lets are responsible for fire safety and identifying and addressing fire risks to guarantee the safety of their guests. This responsibility involves adhering to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 in…

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Fire Safety at Events

Image of an event with musical equipment in teh foreground.

Fire Safety at Events Events of various sizes and types often feature many people, temporary setups, vehicles and food service operations. These elements can increase the risk of fire, making fire safety a crucial aspect of event organisation. Fire safety at events involves conducting fire risk assessments, adopting preventive actions and establishing response plans to…

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Emergency Grab Bags: What are they?

Picture of an emergency grab bag.

Emergency Grab Bags In fire emergencies, every second counts. Preparing in advance is crucial for safety, and one aspect of this preparation is having an emergency grab bag ready. Our in-depth article on our Smart Horizons website looks in more detail at the significance of these emergency grab bags for anybody who is responsible for…

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Fire Safety Training for Staff

fire safety training

Without doubt the most common kind of questions we get asked are around the issue of whether a business needs to provide fire safety training for staff. The short answer is ‘yes’. You must ensure that all employees are aware of fire safety and that will usually mean training. The law is very clear about…

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