Practical Fire Safety in Construction

Two men in high vis vests on a building site.

Our last blog, Fire Safety in Construction, made the case that fire safety is an important consideration for construction, demolition and building refurbishment projects and it discussed why these sites are particularly susceptible to fires and the reasons why. In this blog, we review the important practical fire safety and emergency procedures and systems that…

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Fire Safety in Construction

Construction Site and Fire Safety

Fire Safety in Construction It is not uncommon for fires to start on construction and demolition sites or buildings that are being refurbished, the Home Office’s statistics revealed that there were 365 construction site fires in England between 2018/19 despite strict legal requirements and regulations for fire safety being in place. Fire safety in construction…

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Fire Extinguisher Quiz

Fire extinguisher image

In most cases of a fire emergency, you should leave the immediate area and leave the firefighting to fire service professionals.  Those who have taken fire training, however, will be able to recognise when it’s the correct course of action to extinguish a blaze before it gets out of control. The key is to know which…

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Fire Safety Doors

Image of a fire door keep shut sign.

Fire Safety Doors It is a requirement under the Regulatory Report (Fire Safety Order) 2005, that fire doors are regularly inspected, tested and maintained as determined by the building’s fire risk assessment. But did you know that fire safety door breaches are one of the most common fines implemented under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety)…

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How Many Fire Marshals/Wardens do I Need?

Corridoor with fire sign

How many fire marshals/wardens do I need in my workplace? It is a legal and safety requirement for all workplaces to appoint trained fire marshals/wardens to keep your employees and customers safe. Allocated to these people are important duties, which include understanding the fire risks and managing an evacuation if a fire happens. They also play an…

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How to Use a Fire Extinguisher: The PASS Method

Fire Warden Training

Introduction When it comes to fire safety, the general recommendation is to escape from a fire, rather than try to tackle it. Instead, in most cases, you should leave the firefighting to fire service professionals. For those of us who have taken fire training, however, we may recognise the advantage of extinguishing a blaze before…

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What are the Different Classes of Fire?

what are the different classes of fire?

Introduction Any fire can present a serious threat to human life, whether started by firewood, candle or propane. To make matters worse, there are many different types of fire, with each requiring different knowledge and actions to tackle it. In this article, we’ll explore what the 6 classes of fire are and how, if needed,…

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Fire Safety in Restaurants: A Guide

restaurant fire safety

Introduction In the UK, fire safety practices for all non-domestic premises are oriented around the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. However, this legislation is all-encompassing; it is not specific for individual types of non-domestic premises. As such, knowing the legislative requirements for fire safety in restaurants and how they might inform proper practice can…

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