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Fire risk assessments are an essential feature of fire safety in the workplace. However, is it possible to save time and effort on completing a personalised fire risk assessment by downloading one from the internet instead?

Fire Safety in the Workplace

In all commercial premises across the United Kingdom, fire safety is of paramount importance. Not only should you ensure that your staff receive accredited fire safety training, you should also complete regular fire risk assessments.

If more than 5 individuals work on your business premises, ensure that you create a written record of every fire risk assessment you carry out. Furthermore, refer to this written record upon every assessment and update any changes to fire safety procedure on the premises.

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What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment should:

  • Identify potential fire hazards on the premises
  • Identify individuals who may be at risk in the event of a fire,
  • Evaluate ways to reduce these risks
  • List fire escape routes
  • Detail a fire assembly point

In your fire risk assessment, you should cater for any individuals on the premises, at any time, who are disabled or vulnerable. Additionally, you should clearly mark the location of fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, emergency lighting and fire exits, as well as any other fire equipment.

Your fire risk assessment should be relative and specific to your workplace; templates can only bring you so far.

Who should complete one?

The ‘Responsible Person’ on your premises should undertake fire risk assessments.

Responsible persons can be landlords, business owners, building managers, employers, tenants, facilities managers or agents. Ensure that every member of staff on your premises is aware of the responsible person and their duties.

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Can I get a free fire risk assessment?

If you see a company advertising a free fire risk assessment, be wary. Every business needs to take responsibility for creating a fire risk assessment specific to their premises. Moreover, two locations will have the same layout, features, staff, or equipment.

However, it is possible for businesses to be offered a free fire risk assessment template, such as these assessment guides available from the GOV.UK website, which provide a standard template for businesses who are creating their own fire risk assessments from scratch.

Can I pay someone to complete my fire risk assessment?

Most businesses should be able to create and carry out their fire risk assessments without the help of an expert. However, if you do not have the time or resources available to complete a fire risk assessment, consider hiring a professional risk assessor.