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Purchasing A Course

How do I buy a training course?

Select the course you'd like to purchase from the menu.   On the course page, click on the Add to Basket button. You will then be taken to the shopping basket screen. Select the Checkout button.

You will be asked to Sign In or Register. If you already have an account with the Fire Training Company select Sign In and enter your User Name and Password. If you don't have an account, select Register and complete the details requested.

Once you have successfully Signed In or Registered, you will be taken to the Checkout screen. Check your order is correct and select the Buy button. You will then be asked to select your payment method and will be taken through the payment process.

Courses purchased are immediately available for use and will appear under the Manage My Training option on the Home page when you are logged in. You will be emailed confirmation of your purchase and a copy of your invoice. A second email will provide you with instructions on how to start your course. These instructions are also always available via the Help button.

How do I buy multiple training courses?

Once you have selected the course type you wish to purchase from our website, you can click on the Quantity box and enter the number of courses you wish to buy. Then, click on the Add to Basket button and follow the instructions as above.

If you want to buy more than one type of course, you can click on the Continue Shopping button from the shopping basket screen. You can return to your basket at any time by clicking on the Shopping Basket button in the top right-hand corner of the Home page. 

How much does a course cost?

Course costs are listed on the course page for each individual course. We offer a reduction for multiple purchases of the same course. Please see the table at the top of the individual course page for a pricing matrix.

How soon will my course be available?

Courses purchased are immediately available for use and will appear on the Manage My Training box on the logged-in Home page. You will be emailed confirmation of your purchase and a copy of your invoice. A second email will provide you with instructions on how to start your course. These instructions are also always available via the Help button.

Why do I need to register to purchase a course?

You need to register before purchasing a course to ensure we have your email address, which will be used to send you a copy of your invoice and details of how to access the course, along with a copy of your certificate when you have successfully completed the training. See our Terms and Conditions for details of our Privacy statement on how we use and protect your data.

I've bought the wrong course. Can I change it to another one?

Yes, of course. Just contact support by emailing, or give us a call on 01327 552160.

Getting Started

How do I give a user access to a training course?

Training courses can either be made available to everyone by default, or alternatively, you can set the course so that only specific people have access to the course. As standard, the most popular courses are set so that everyone has access. To change this, select the course name on the Manage Your Training screen and set the 'Allow anyone to use credits' drop-down list to No.

If a course has 'Allow anyone to use credits' set to No, you will have to enable user access explicitly. Select the course from the drop-down list and then click on the Enable Access box next to anyone who requires access, finishing with the Save button. If a course has 'Allow anyone to use credits' set to Yes, you can use a similar approach to disable access for certain users.

How does a user start the course?

To start the course, the user just needs to log in with the account you have created for them and click on the course title, which will appear in the My Account box (with 'click to start' next to it).

How can a user retake a course that is still in date?

If you want to allow a user to retake a course that's still in date, select the Manage Your Training screen. Then, click on the select checkbox next to each user and choose Reset the course for the selected users so they can retake it from the More actions drop-down list, followed by Go.

Which Course Is For Me?

Why choose the Fire Training Company training courses?

Quite simply, because our courses are in line with the latest guidance, easy to access, offer excellent value for money and each successful participant receives a personalised and fully portable certificate for every course they purchase.

Which is better, online or face-to-face training?

This depends on your circumstances. Face-to-face fire training allows the subject to be explored in more depth and you'll get to try the fire equipment, but you must attend the course at a specific place and time. 

As a general rule, face-to-face training courses tend to be more expensive on a per person, per course basis. This makes online training the more cost-effective delivery method for learners who find it inconvenient to attend face-to-face training programmes.

For organisations and groups purchasing our online training courses, the Fire Training Company provides a simple set of online management tools so that the organisation's nominated Administrator can track the status of everyone's online training. Your account can be monitored day-to-day and provides timely renewal information to ensure your staff are always up to date with their training.

What do I get with an online fire training course?

Opting to train online rather than attending a face-to-face course doesn't mean the process is any more complicated or the course any less demanding.

Every Fire Training Company online course:

  • Has a pass rate set at 80%
  • Provides you with a personalised training course certificate on successful completion.
  • Can be taken anywhere that has internet access
  • Takes around 1-2 hours to complete
  • Can be paused, stopped and restarted at any time to allow you to take the course at the pace and time that suits you, returning you to the page you were previously on
  • Is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Can be retaken as many times as is needed, at no extra cost
  • Can be tracked by the organisation's Administrator, which is especially useful for education organisations and others who have to maintain a single central record for staff training

How long does a course take to complete?

Our online courses take around 1-2 hours to complete and you can start and stop the course whenever you like. This means you can learn at whatever pace suits you. Some people take the whole course in one sitting, while others like to break up the training into modules. Our easy-to-use training system allows you to learn at your own pace.

Accessing My Account

Why is my password not working?

When you first sign in to your training, you will be asked to change your password and the one originally sent to you will no longer work. If you find you are still having password issues, please call our customer support line on 01327 552160 and we will be happy to talk you through the process of accessing your account.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, first you need to Sign In to your account and then you can click on the Manage Your Account Details option, which can be found in the main My Account box. Enter the new password twice in the appropriate fields and click Save.

I've forgotten my user name/password. What should I do?

On the Fire Training Company Home page there is a Sign In box towards the top right of the screen. Click on 'Forgotten user name?' or 'Forgotten password?' then follow the instructions and you will be sent an email reminder or new password.

I changed my password and now I cannot access my account. What should I do?

Usually, this is because your browser has saved your old password. Try logging in from a different browser with your new password. If that works, then you need to clear the saved password.

Administering My Account

My name is spelled incorrectly. Can I change it?

Within the Manage Your Account Details option (accessed via the logged-in Home page), just delete or overtype the original and then click save.

My organisation paid for my course but it's not there when I sign in.

Occasionally, we find people follow an incorrect link rather than signing in to their Fire Training Company account. If you still have the Sign In details in your original email, try using those to sign in via our website. If you still have a problem, please contact us and we will be happy to resolve the problem for you. Email or give us a call on 01327 552160.

I accidentally registered when I should have just signed in and now I have 2 accounts.

Please contact our customer support centre by emailing or calling 01327 552160.

How do I administer online courses within my organisation?

Administration is designed to be as easy as possible. The software allows an organisation to assign an Administrator, which then allows them to manage the training courses within their organisation.

The Administrator can set up the system so that any person within their organisation can access training, or alternatively, they can assign courses to individuals. They also have the ability to block access where appropriate.

Administrators can see who has commenced their training, when they have completed a course and their pass mark, along with the ability to see whose training is coming up for renewal. This is particularly useful for organisations that need to maintain a single central record of their staff training.

Where necessary, an organisation can also set up multiple administrators.

Can I re-take a course if I fail the exam?

Yes. You get free re-takes of the exam until you pass and your training credits have no expiry date. Once you have reached the 80% pass score, although you can still access the course material, your score will not improve.

For organisations buying multiple courses, we also provide your organisation with full administration rights so that you can assign courses to specific individuals, monitor their progress and assign credits to any of our courses. We also send everyone timely reminders of when individuals' training certificates are expiring, so no one's certificate inadvertently lapses.


How can I collect my certificate?

At the end of the course, once you've passed the Final Assessment, you will automatically be emailed a copy of your certificate. You can also view and download your certificate at any time by clicking on Manage Your Certificates , which can be found under My Training on the Home page.

How long does my certificate last?

Fire safety is vital to the well being of a business and its employees so we suggest you re-take your fire training every 1 - 2 years.  We include a recommended refresh date on your certificate, which is usually set at 2 years.

Should there be an emergency you will want to be able to rely on trained Fire Wardens/Marshals and safety-aware employees. We recommend that new employees take their initial fire training as soon as possible or as part of the induction process. 

Our Learning Management System will send you a reminder that it is about time to look at renewing the training for each individual learner.

How will I know when my training needs to be renewed?

Our system will remind you well in advance that your training needs to be refreshed. In some cases, this will mean taking a refresher version of the course rather than the full version, depending on the course you originally took. When you log in to renew your training, you will be advised which is the right option.

Will I meet all my obligations by taking your training?

Training is an essential element of fire safety and current legislation.  However to meet your legal duties you must put in to practice what you learn.

A certificate of completion and appropriate refresher courses will ensure that your training is always up to date and meets your fire safety requirements. Every business is different but the basic rule of thumb is that every employee should have suitable training in fire protection and you should also have a suitable number of Fire Wardens/Marshals to ensure you are compliant with safety legislation.

Will my course meet my CPD requirements?

A course will usually count towards the CPD requirement for most professions. You should bear in mind, though, that individual CPD targets vary, so you should refer to the institution or governing body information for how the course will relate to your continuing professional development.

Administering My Organisation

How do training credits work?

Each training credit you purchase allows one person to take a single training course. Training credits only get used up when the user actually starts the course.

To view how many credits you have available, click on Manage Your Training from the logged-in Home page. The total number of free credits for a particular course will be displayed next to the course drop-down box. The system will also show you how many users have yet to take the course and the total number of spare credits left once everybody has taken the course. You will notice that if you disable access to a course for a user, the number of spare credits will therefore increase by one.

Each course has a separate bank of credits, however, you may use the Move Credits button on the training page to switch credits between courses as necessary.

How do I give a user access to courses?

The most commonly used training courses are accessible to everyone by default. For people to access the less common courses, you will have to enable their access explicitly. To enable users to access courses, go to the Manage Your Training screen, choose the course from the drop-down list and then click on the Enable Access box next to anyone who requires access, finishing with the Save button. If you prefer for all users to have access to a course automatically, select the Manage Your Training option, choose the course from the course drop-down list and set 'Allow anyone to use credits' to Yes.

How does a user start the course?

To start the course, the user needs to simply log in with the account you have created for them and click on the course title, which will appear in the My Account box (with 'click to start' next to it).

How do I view a user's certificate?

Click on the Manage Your Training option. Users' certificates can then be viewed by clicking on the PDF icon next to their name.

Adding/Removing Users

How do I set up a new user for a training course?

Once your training credits have been purchased, click on the Manage Your Organisation option, followed by the Add Users button.

The system will then display the Add Users page, which will allow you to create an account for new each person. Enter the first and last name for each person and ideally an email address too. Then, click on Add Users. You will be emailed a copy of the log-in details for each new account.

Your new users simply log in with the account you have just created and click on the course name under My Training to start their course.

If you have lots of users to add, you can also use the Bulk Add Users button, which is also found on the Manage Your Organisation screen. This will take you to a screen where you can paste a list of users (one per line) into a box. This is handy if, for example, you have an Excel spreadsheet of users. You can optionally specify a default password for each user.

Once the users are added, you may then want to use the Email Users button, which will allow you to send account details to the newly added users.

How do I delete an unwanted user account?

Click on the Manage Your Organisation option, followed by the red cross next to the user's name.

How do I change a user's password?

Click on the Manage Your Organisation option. You may type over the top of a user's password and then click on Save to change it.

How do I change a user's name or email address?

Click on the Manage Your Organisation option. You can then type over the top of the user's details (first name, last name, email address) and then click on Save to apply your changes.

My question isn't answered on this page. What should I do?

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