Fire Safety and Christmas in Your Home Office

fire safety training

So you are working from home and want to recreate the office Christmas atmosphere.  You want to be able to share your festive decorations when you have those Zoom meetings. From having flashing lights around your monitor to hanging glittering garlands, make sure before you start decorating, you’re thinking about fire safety…

How would you evaluate Fire safety in your workspace?

It’s easy to assume that fire safety is simply a case of having common sense and that it’s actually pretty easy to prevent a fire from breaking out. After all, we get through our daily lives at home perfectly fine without the oven combusting or our electrical sockets bursting into flames, don’t we?

Well, the truth is that fire safety training is a legal requirement for all businesses across the United Kingdom for a very legitimate reason.

Workplace fires are more common than you think, and the causes of these fires can vary from accident to human error. It’s your professional responsibility to ensure that your home office and while you are at it, the rest of your home, are as safe as possible from the risk of a fire.

Just because you have not experienced a fire first-hand does not mean that you are exempt from ever experiencing one. Most people who have lost their livelihoods to fire believe “it will never happen to me” until it actually does.

A cluttered workspace is one of the most common causes of fire in the workplace. Now, we can’t speak for you and tell you if your workspace is already cluttered or not, but we can firmly say that decorating for an occasion such as Christmas is going to add even more unnecessary clutter to your home office.

If your workspaces is already cluttered before you start decorating, you need to be aware that all this clutter is just more material that could combust in the event of a fire. This means that the risk of a fire spreading quickly and with devastating consequences is much higher.

What about candles?

Candles create a festive ambiance and will often give off a pleasant Christmassy smell.  All it takes is for you to accidentally push a candle too close to a stack of paperwork or the branch of your Christmas tree, and within seconds, your home could be up in flames. It simply isn’t worth the risk.  Never leave candles unattended or in an area where your pet, child or something could knock them over.

Christmas lights and combustion…

First of all, always be sure that any lights you use to decorate that you have bought from a reputable business and conform to the British Standard. Don’t go fishing around in your loft for the forgotten pack of fairy lights you used to decorate the house with back in the nineties—they might look nice (if they even still work), but are they safe? Probably not.

As pretty as they might be as a backdrop to Zoom meetings, you should also be sure to always switch off any lights overnight, as the heat from the lightbulbs could be enough to pose a fire hazard (this is especially true in the case of lights strung up on Christmas trees—real or artificial).

Always be mindful of the dangers associated with Christmas lights, no matter if they are an LED rope or twinkling lights. 

Never overload electrical sockets or have them covered up.

fire safety training

Tinsel and hanging decorations

Most importantly, be sure to avoid covering any vents on your electrical equipment such as computers and printers when you’re placing your decorations. The build-up of heat could affect your machines as well as start a fire.

Paper chains, banners, and tinsel might look lovely strung up in your home, but make sure you’re not placing any combustible decorations like these, above heaters or radiators, and definitely don’t attach them to any lights.

Fire safety training

If you haven’t already taken a Fire Safety training course, now would be the ideal time.  We all think we’d know what to do in the event of a fire, but are you really prepared.  Do you even have a Fire Blanket in your kitchen?  The only person responsible for your Fire Safety at home is YOU.  Have a look around, do you have too much paper piled up in one place.  Walk around all of your home, how would you get out quickly if you needed too?

In fact the cost of a course will probably be less than you intend to spend on those decorations!

Enjoy a very Happy Christmas from us all here at the Fire Training Company

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