Can I Take Online Fire Safety Training?

Fire safety training is a legal duty in many workplaces across the United Kingdom, but do you need to attend a face-to-face course to get your certificate, or is an online fire safety training course just as informative?

Face-to-face or online fire safety training?

Here at the Fire Training Company, we specialise in delivering high-quality fire safety training courses that are informative, accredited, and relevant to the learner while meeting the training needs of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

We offer a selection of both online and face-to-face fire safety training courses because we know each individual workplace has individual requirements. It’s the reason we don’t like to make any claims that online fire safety training is “better” than face-to-face training or vice versa.

Actually, there are benefits to each, and what’s most important to us is that you discover the best type of training to fit in with your individual needs.

Can I take online fire safety training?

Of course, we understand the concerns of some of our learners who worry that online fire safety training might not be enough to fulfil their legal requirements.

Online fire safety courses taken with a verifiable training provider such as the Fire Training Company are just as valid as face-to-face courses. Unless specifically told that you need to take face-to-face fire safety training, in a majority of cases, there should be no issue with you taking your fire safety training online.

What are the benefits of online fire safety training?

One of the most attractive benefits of online fire safety training courses is that they are available to access immediately. Our online Fire Safety Training and Fire Warden/Marshal Training courses are both available to access 24/7 once you have purchased your desired quantity, and within just 1 to 2 hours of learning time, you can take your final assessment to download your fire safety training certificate.

Other perks of online fire safety training include the ability to monitor staff progress, which is especially helpful for teams who need to keep track of training records in one central online location. At the simple touch of a button, our unique online learning management system allows you to see who has or hasn’t completed their training and whose training is coming up for renewal.

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What are the benefits of face-to-face online safety training?

The Fire Training Company’s face-to-face fire safety courses are delivered by ex-emergency services personnel who are able to give a unique insight into fire safety from a position of experience and expertise. Unlike many other fire safety training courses, where your premises permit, ours will give you the practical experience of using a fire extinguisher.

We can deliver our face-to-face courses on premises at a time that is convenient to you, with our availability stretching throughout the United Kingdom.

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