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Fire Safety Training: What’s In a Fire Warden Training Course?

fire warden training

We’re specialists in delivering high-quality fire safety training here at the Fire Training Company. Because we have such a great selection of online and face-to-face fire safety courses available for you to choose from, we want to ensure you’re getting the right level of training for your role and know exactly what’s in our accredited…

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How Do I Become a Fire Safety Officer?

fire safety training

Read on for our explanation of the simple steps you need to take to become a fire safety officer in your workplace according to UK fire safety legislation… What is a fire safety officer? Virtually every business or place of work in the United Kingdom needs to take responsibility for fire safety on their premises.…

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Can I Take Online Fire Safety Training?

fire alarm equipment

Fire safety training is a legal duty in many workplaces across the United Kingdom, but do you need to attend a face-to-face course to get your certificate, or is an online fire safety training course just as informative? Face-to-face or online fire safety training? Here at the Fire Training Company, we specialise in delivering high-quality…

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