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What are the rules for fire safety?

fire safety training

Every business in the United Kingdom has a responsibility for fire safety on their premises. What fire safety rules apply to your workplace? Who needs to know about fire safety? In the United Kingdom, every employer and/or building owner has a legal duty to protect their property from the risk of fire. This duty extends…

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Do I Need A Fire Safety Certificate For My New Business?

fire extinguisher on black background

The short answer is probably not… but only because fire safety certificates are no longer issued for most businesses. The principles behind the certificate, however, are still very much in force and if you don’t comply, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a hefty fine. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005…

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The Importance of Smoke Detectors

smoke detectors

Apart from the occasional irritating squeak if they need a battery change, we tend not to even notice smoke detectors. However, they are a vital part of your fire safety equipment because they are the essential early warning that something is wrong. The little round life savers are everywhere but we seldom give them a…

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