Fire Safety in Schools: What You Need to Know

With schools currently working with less staff onsite because of the current lockdowns during Covid-19, having the correctly trained staff in school is vitally important. Because nominated Fire Marshals may be off sick or unavailable at short notice, do you have enough trained staff to cover? As with any safety procedure, fire safety has some…

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Take a look at the Signs

There are so many signs we are being asked to adhere to; ‘Keep 2 Metres’ apart being the major one at the moment. But signs can become so familiar that we forget they are there! Look around your office building, the supermarket, indeed virtually any indoor space and you’ll see signs everywhere. In an emergency…

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Fire Safety and Office Christmas Decorations

fire safety training

At this time of year, we all want to liven up our workspace with a little festive cheer. From hanging paper chain garlands to buying a singing, dancing snowman to sit on your desk, there are lots of ways to introduce some holiday magic into your office. But before you start decorating, be sure you’re…

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Free Fire Risk Assessment

fire warden training

Fire risk assessments are an essential feature of fire safety in the workplace. However, is it possible to save time and effort on completing a personalised fire risk assessment by downloading one from the internet instead? Fire Safety in the Workplace In all commercial premises across the United Kingdom, fire safety is of paramount importance.…

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What Are The Rules For Fire Safety?

Every business in the United Kingdom has a responsibility for fire safety on their premises. What fire safety rules apply to your workplace? Who Needs To Know About Fire Safety? In the United Kingdom, every employer and/or building owner has a legal duty to protect their property from the risk of fire. This duty extends…

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Fire Safety Signs in the Workplace

The Fire exit sign in big factory

Despite often going unnoticed, fire safety signs in the workplace are vital. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 legislation, commercial properties are mandated to present certain signs. The rest depend on the size of your premises; it is common to have a broad variety of signs to keep customers and staff safe. In…

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